Membership is largely composed of former and current Auburn graduate students and faculty. There are no costs or annual fees. We encourage faculty and graduate students from other universities in the region to join and attend our monthly meetings or annual guest speaker event in the spring.
Member List:

President - Joshua Shiver

Vice President - N/A

Susan Anderson

Meredith Bocian

Tommy Brown

Neil Buschman

Dr. Robert D. Carlson

Jacob Clawson

Perry Colvin

Brett J. Derbes

Rebecca Eckstein

Dr. Bruce T. Gourley

Dr. Reagan Grimsley

Dr. Patricia Hoskins

Dr. Kelly Kennington

Scott Mackenzie

Christopher Maloney

David Mcrae

Dr. Kenneth W. Noe

Dr. Ben H. Severance

Dr. Mark Sheftall

Dr. Rodney J. Steward

Thomas Szendrey

Dr. Jennifer Ann Newman Trevino

Matthew Vogeler

Charles Wexler