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Q: Why is Local Search Optimization Important?

   A: There are 32 billion unique searches done each month and 40% of those searches have local intent. That is a lot of local searches so the importance of local search cannot be ignored anymore. All major search engines have integrated local search including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

   When local or neighborhood internet users are looking for a product or service in their area it is usually because they are ready to buy something and they want to buy it now! On top of that, according marketing research done by Kelsey; 90 % of purchases are made within 50 miles of an individuals home. Local visibility is mandatory for mom and pops and small businesses.

   Customers want to find doctors, lawyers, restaurants, plumbers, real-estate specialist, etc in their local area. So no matter what type of business you have but if you want to attract customers, clients from local area. Make sure your site is optimized for Local Searches.

Q: Where's my listing? It has been a week.

  A: It can take several weeks for your listing to hit the first page. This is due to a number of factors, from city size, number of competitors, number of locations etc. Rest assured that your listing will start to see an increase in activity.

Q: My listing appeared in 1 week on the first page, but I just checked and I am not there anymore!

  A: Without a doubt, you see your listing rise and fall --sometimes off the first page -- as the optimization process continues. This is due to the screening process that search engines use to validate your listing as a viable addition to the directory. It is to ensure that your listing is not "spam" or in violation of any of the terms of use. This process is heaviest during the first 30 days, and tends to continue, though at a decelerated rate from days 30-90. Rest assured that the moment your listing starts to move, we are on top of it. Guiding it back up to the first page.